DIFF Eyewear


In my search for a more eco friendly pair of sunglasses that didn’t break the bank, I came across a company named DIFF. I reached out to the company and I had the honor and pleasure of chatting with an inspiring entrepreneur from the DIFF eyewear company. His name is Chad Dime, one of the co-founders for DIFF. I was interested in finding out more about the company since I was intrigued by the charitable movements that they are involved with. It turns out that what this company is about is the true definition of integrity. DIFF not only has a quality product that they can be proud to stand behind, but they donate 1 pair of eyeglasses to a person in need in Africa for each and every pair of sunglasses sold.
I asked Chad what got him and his 3 partners started with DIFF and their passion for the “Eyes on Africa” charity. He told me that most of the motivation behind giving back to Africa goes back to his family history of decades of importing eyewear. Throughout this time he watched a company called Luxottica work to monopolize pretty much the entire eyewear industry. This was done by buying up approximately 80 percent of the big names like Oakley, Ray Ban, Gucci, etc. Then after purchasing the eyewear companies, they would then work at buying out retailers like Sun Glass Hut (you see these stores in many malls throughout  America). These actions lead to a monopolized high priced controlled marketplace for quality sunglasses. This motivated the co-founders of DIFF to make an effort to disrupt this monopoly and create a fair market value on eyewear.

A second but equally important motivation for DIFF was to give back through charity. Throughout the search for the perfect way to give back, the co-founders of DIFF met a woman named Sherry Grigsby, a retired school teacher out of California. Throughout her many travels to Africa, she started a program called “Eyes on Africa”. It is a a 501(c)(3), non-religious, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit organization. Their mission is “to provide eyeglasses at no cost to Africans through distribution in communities with no access to vision care”. The glasses cannot be sold or traded and must be made available to the community at-large.  “Eyes on Africa” has been distributing reading glasses in African countries since 2005. DIFF and Sherry joined forces by partnering together to help the people of 17 regions of Africa.

In late November 2014 DIFF was created.  Prior to DIFF’s very first sale of sunglasses, they already had donated 500 pairs of eyeglasses to Africa through “Eyes on Africa”. Within DIFF’s first year of business nearly 7,000 pairs of reading glasses throughout 17 regions in Africa were donated by DIFF.

DIFF has been increasingly successful  and most of that success is by word of mouth and marketing through social media.

Chad added in our conversation that people often ask “why not help those in need here in the U.S?” His reply is that the dollar can go a lot further in other counties and a small amount goes a long way in areas like Africa. He mentioned as an example that $25 US dollars could pay for an entire day of health screenings and eye exams for many people in Africa.

In addition to “Eyes on Africa”, DIFF just launched a new program with the help of Kelsey Sabo, a Peace Corp volunteer, who’s focusing on teaching literacy and empowerment to children in Uganda. With DIFF’s funding and Kelsey’s onsite help,  they provide health screenings and eye exams to 1,800 pupils. Through some of these preliminary screenings Kelsey and DIFF found that there was a definite need for eyecare. With the need of future eye exams they started an initiative for proper eyecare for Uganda. This is all a relatively new charity for DIFF as it just launched March 9th and 10 and then again on March 16th and 17th, 2016.

Throughout this conversation with Chad I just was floored at DIFF’s charitable efforts.  Diff is a company that was started and continues with integrity and caused-based passion, in addition to providing quality products which I will review next.


My first day of sporting my very own pair of DIFF sunglasses displayed above!  The sunglasses arrived well packaged and included a soft case and cleaning case with the DIFF logo on it. The soft case was of excellent build quality and definitely something I could see myself using to store them. The sunglasses felt very solid in construction, but not overly heavy or bulky. They seem to have solid quality hinges. The sunglasses were super comfortable to wear.  They were lightweight and fit well on my face. I received the Dime style with polarized lenses. For my face shape and personal style taste, they were a bit too round. The Dime style is an eclectic and unique style. Of course this is simply a fashion preference.  Overall this is a great pair of sunglasses. I had the opportunity to try out another style of DIFF eyewear (see below) and this style is the Riley frames with gold mirror lenses. I really enjoy the fun mirror lense and really like the style of the frame. Just like the Dime style, the Riley’s arrived with the same case as the Dime style. The Riley is also handmade (as is all of DIFF’s eyewear) and the quality is high end. They fit perfectly and feel solid. The quality and price point alone make any DIFF sunglasses a great choice.  Combine those reasons with the charitable work of DIFF and this is a no-brainer recommendation for quality sunglasses.  Keep up the great work DIFF!

Want to get a pair of your very own DIFF shades? Use the link below to get $10 off of your purchase. 


DIFF $10 off! 😎








Flip and Tumble 24/7 Bags



These are the most amazing reusable grocery/shopping bags you will ever come across… I am that confident! I own 6 of them and have them in my purse at all times. I use them almost daily. They scrunch down into a small round ball which makes it very handy to keep on you versus leaving it at home or in the car.


In my search of the perfect reusable bag I went through many types and versions. I was looking for a bag that was user friendly. I didn’t want one of those double strap bags that for me just isn’t practical when you are loading them up and carrying many bags at once. I needed a reusable bag to be durable. They needed to carry a lot. Finally,  I  wanted convenience. Most of the ones that I have tried didn’t make the cut when I couldn’t keep them easily in my purse, therefore I would forget them in my car and lazily choose the store offered plastic bags. I ran across the  24/7 bags by Flip and Tumble on Amazon. I really research items and read through the reviews prior to any purchase. I am glad that I found these, I have finally met my match!

Eliminating plastics and making as little of an impact on the environment as possible is really important to Steve and I. Using the 24/7 bags helps us to do just that. We use these bags for much more than groceries. We use them for other shopping and beach bags etc.

Another few pluses on these bags are they are backed by a really great company. They have many other products that you might like such as produce bags and messenger carry bags. Check out their website for more information on the company and products. I am also a huge fan of how much each one of these 24/7 bags can really hold… weight equal to 2 bowling balls that’s how much. In grocery amounts that packs a punch! I can pack all 6 of my bags full to the rim and with the comfy sling type handle it is all very effortless and possible to carry. They are super durable and washable too! It just doesn’t get any better than this! 🙂 I have had these bags for over 2 years now and they still show now signs of wear.

Each time I use these bags I get numerous compliments on them. I have converted some of my family members to purchase the 24/7 bags for themselves. I love how we are doing our part to eliminate plastic bags. Just in our use alone makes an impact and I hope that more and more people give them a try as I know that they won’t be disappointed!




Shop here for the reconditioned 6300. http://amzn.to/2v9nyb6. This is my current model that I am using. Performs perfectly and still has a phenomenal 5 year warranty.

The other model that I had in our Bahamas house is the 5200 model. http://amzn.to/2uetYbs, I loved the performance of this model and it has the full 7 year warranty (this is more of a piece of mind as I never had ANY issues whatsoever with either of my Vitamix machines).

The main differences in the two models that I had are:

  1. The Price: The reconditioned 6300 is $269.95 The 5200 is $449.48
  2. The warranty: The reconditioned is 5 year. The new is 7 years.
  3. The Pre-Selected modes: This is a preference thing. The reconditioned 6300 has them and the 5200 new model does not. I found them useful as most of my mixing needs are smoothies, soups and frozen goodies. I CAN however live without them, and the Vitamix machine mixes those items very well  with or without those pre-selected nobs, but they are handy to set them and walk away for a few seconds:).

A bit of the back story of why I really really love Vitamix and feel that it fully deserves a blog page dedicated to it.

Our Vitamix is the one appliance in our home that we use the most (well, it’s neck and neck with our coffee machine) 🙂

We cannot say enough good things about this product. It can blend just about anything and we use it for daily smoothies, desserts, soups, recipe ingredients etc.

This is the best blender in our opinion. There are many blenders that claim to blend like the Vitamix, but they don’t compare at all in my book. It is simple to use and extremely powerful! It pulverizes everything that you put in it.

At first we ordered it for simplicity.

We were originally big into juicing. If you’ve ever tried juicing you know what I mean… The messy cleanup, the preparations (cutting the veggies for juicer insertion), counter top space and did I mention the cleanup?

With the Vitamix, it is as simple as throw the ingredients in and within seconds, it is a smoothie! Just as nutritious as a juice and you don’t have to throw away a bunch of pulp! You use every bit of the fruit or veggie. There are so so many recipes out there and wonderful YouTube video recipes. You can just experiment for yourself and successfully come up with something great!  Best of all, the Vitamix cleans itself…that’s right. When you are done blending up some goodies, just add one drop of soap and half of a container full of water and then return it to the base to blend for 20-30 seconds, rinse and then let air dry! I am definitely a fan of that! Full  disclosure.. I know that there are still benefits of  juicing, but for my husband and I, we chose the Vitamix as it is something more convenient for us and something we know we wouldn’t get burned out or dread doing like we were doing with our juicers.

The Vitamix company is great. Vitamix is a U.S. company. They have wonderful customer service  and the warranty is fantastic (7 years)!  They also have a great trade in program as well.

Earlier in this post, I included Amazon links. My husband and I are big Amazon shoppers and rely on reviews via Amazon when we shop. The Vitamix Co. will still have great customer service and you will be able to register and warranty your product even if you don’t order through their Vitamix site. It was just easier in our opinion to shop via Amazon… creatures of habit. 🙂

If you decide to try out Vitamix for your household let me know what you think. If you have any questions or any feedback, I would love to hear from you.



Lady Comp Fertility Monitor

This one gets a bit personal for me. I do love this product so it earned a spot on my blog.

I decided a few years ago to to go off of birth control pills after being on them for 20+ years. I started doing a lot of research for myself in hopes of educating myself on my own reproductive health. I then decided to go a more natural and safer approach as I felt that was a better option for me. I am glad that I did and wish I would have done this much sooner.

I highly recommend the Lay Comp. It is an intelligent thermometer basically.  This is how it works.  Each day you wake up to the preset alarm to take your daily waking temperature. The Lady Comp then starts to learn your bodies reproductive routine and cycle each day based off of your daily temperature readings. Once it learns, it will then accurately record your cycle, predict menstruation and ovulation. It will also predict  your fertility daily. This is what makes this a great tool for achieving or preventing pregnancy.  It lets you know once your temperature is recorded each day what the status of your fertility is. For example, it will show a green, yellow or red indicator light. Green meaning safe or not fertile, yellow meaning the Lady Comp is learning and if you are trying to prevent pregnancy you should use protection when having intercourse. Finally, a red indicator light means that you are fertile and to use protection if having intercourse. The Lady Comp also provides a blinking red light to indicate ovulation. These lights can be used if you are wishing to achieve or prevent pregnancy.

What I love most is that it is really that simple. The Lady Comp takes a lot of charting/ and guesswork out of your reproductive cycle. It keeps track and is a great tool for monitoring things like cycle lengths, ovulation days etc. It also is very helpful that it predicts when you are about to menstruate. This is extremely helpful for me. It is a great tool for your doctor to get a broader scope of your reproductive health at your yearly visits. Before your OBGYN appt. just contact Lady Comp and request a graph of your charting. They will send you your results and you can show this to your doctor. It is an extremely helpful tool for you doctor to see if there are any underlying health or fertility issues.

The Lady Comp is costly up front. But once you do the math of the costs of birth control you will find that it would pay for itself in less than 1.5 years (based on my monthly birth control pill expense of $30.00). It is also reasonable when you are comparing other methods of birth control such as implants or a hysterectomy.  You can go a cheaper route by purchasing a fertility thermometer like this one http://amzn.to/2v9kZWd and do your own charting via the FAM method. I originally had done this when “weaning” myself off of birth control pills ( for 3 months) in addition to a few months while using the Lady Comp initially to compare and verify its accuracy.  What I found was that the Lady Comps readings are spot on with my manual charting.

I made my decision to purchase the Lady Comp to give myself a piece of mind knowing that I am using a very reliable and accurate birth control device in addition to having a safe and natural drug free birth control method. I have owned and used my Lady Comp now for over 4 years and so thankful to have it.

This is the Lady Comp website. I bought it through Amazon. http://amzn.to/2v7FcO5. The customer care team of Lady Comp is amazing they are very knowledgeable and helpful if you have any tech questions for them. When I purchased my Lady Comp, I had some difficulty with the thermometer sensor. I emailed and then was able to talk to a representative over the phone right away. When they couldn’t troubleshoot the issue over the phone, they sent out a new replacement Lady Comp and followed up to make sure that my new Lady Comp was working properly. I am confident that if I have any future questions or concerns that they will be as helpful. It really says something to me when a company has such great customer service as well as being very knowledgeable of their products and standing behind their product.

As a disclaimer, I have not received any discount or free product from Lady Comp. This review is based on my personal experience and appreciation of the product alone. I hope that my review will help other women in their choice to have a safe and reliable natural birth control and/or family planning option.

In my research of natural reproductive health I ran across this amazing book. It is now my “go to” book that I refer to people that are wanting to make a healthier approach to achieving or preventing pregnancy.  This book is well written and explains so much. It literally gave me the knowledge to take control of my own reproductive health and to have more of an understanding and respect of my own body.


Taking Charge of your Fertility focuses on explaining how a woman’s body functions during her cycle. It also focuses on the FAM method of charting (it is not the old school charting techniques by the way). Taking Charge of your Fertility teaches you to understand your anatomy and its natural occurrences.

I feel that this book should have been handed out in school for sex ed! 🙂 I think it is absolutely important for a woman to know about their own reproductive health so that they can make a sound decision when it comes to family planning, and birth control.

Thai Deodorant Crystal



My husband and I love that we are not using toxic chemicals and using a product that actually works!

Prior to making a healthier change for myself I used the clinical strength type of deodorants and when I did sweat – it would stink. I later found that the clinical strength products were the cause of the body odor I was experiencing. I thought I had a severe issue with my limp nodes or something.. It turns out that I am just one of those normal people that does sweat and just needed to make a change from what I was using.

We are so thrilled that we had found this product! Not only is it free of those nasty chemicals etc., it allows the body to do its normal sweating, not masking or preventing the sweat. After about 2 weeks of using the Thai Deodorant Crystal I no longer had an odor associated with sweating. Its like the old toxins from my previous deodorant had to flush completely out of my system which in and of itself was disturbing. The findings of switching to the Thai Deodorant Crystal amazed me. I tested it out to the max in the extreme Bahamian summer heat building our house, to outdoor exercising etc. My husband is the biggest sweater that I have ever seen, and he never has a body odor with the Thai Deodorant Crystal. It is amazing!!

So far, I have convinced my husband, cousin, mother in law and a couple of friends to use the Thai Deodorant Crystal and they are as happy and amazed as I am. No going back!

In addition to it being much more effective, safer and healthier, it is much cheaper than using a toxic deodorant. One crystal deodorant stick will last me well over a year (of once or twice daily usages). Although, you have to be gentle with it. .. one slipped out of my hands after a shower and it shattered on the floor.. ooopsies! 😦 I now have a spare just in case. Even with a backup it is still cheaper than the other chemical laden deodorants.

It is really great that we don’t have to sacrifice our health AND can sweat confidently! 🙂

Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil is a staple in our lives. We use it for things like cooking (it can be used to replace butter and cooking oil), moisterizer, an ingredient in my homemade toothpaste, and  deodorant.  I also use it as a lip balm and makeup remover. 

Here is a link to even more ways to use coconut oil. 


Coconut oil is something that I would have a hard time living without. It just makes our lives much easier and simpler when one key item can be used to replace so many things. The healing properties and natural anti bacterial benifits are wonderful and help to heal and cure certain ailments. 

No Jet Lag!



My husband and I love to travel. This product is our travel companion on longer flights or oversees. When we use this product we don’t have any Jet-Lag related issues.

We love how it is homeopathic and it is real easy to take. We just set a timer on our cell phone and take one teeny tablet per instructions. On our trip to Ireland for our wedding we had all of our guests who were traveling take them and not one of us at all had any Jet Lag. My 85 year old grandma felt good enough to stroll the Irish streets after dropping off her luggage at the hotel!