New Zealand – The Te Araroa Trail


After much deliberation and research we have decided on our next adventure.  We plan on hiking the entire country of New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail in 2016.  We are talking about 1,864 miles! So we must be some serious experienced hikers traveling all over the world doing this for years…  nope.  This is a first for Steve and I as we have absolutely no hiking experience (unless you count hiking through bush to find a remote beach :)). Being on par with how we try and live, we figured what a fantastic way to see an amazing country such as New Zealand – 5 months of hiking 2 islands over 1,800 miles.

Typically when we visit a new place, we try and take it all in, not just the tourist hot spots. For example, when we visited Europe, we didn’t want to be the A typical Americans that come over and want to order a cheeseburger and expect everyone to speak English.  We visit places to expand our cultural diversity and see the world in other peoples eyes.  What can we learn to better ourselves and appreciate everything around us?  Every one of us have so many blessing in life that are there every day, unfortunately the negative can cloud the wonderful things that we can so easily take for granted.

We hope to gain many memories and learn a lot more about ourselves through this adventure.

Once we begin our travels in New Zealand we will update this section with commentary and photos…  Let the adventure begin!

To be continued…


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