Eleuthera….Where to begin.. We’ve spent a lifetime there once.

We found the perfect spot for our island dream to take place on the Atlantic side of the Rainbow Bay subdivision of Eleuthera Bahamas. 

I’d say that living in a foreign country on a pretty unpopulated island in the middle of the ocean has its perks, ups and definite downs. It is a learning curve.  

When building commenced, we depended solely on our builders and relied on them to make our drawn up plans come to fruition while we were stateside. Once our “shell” of the house was built we arranged a rental space in our builders vacation rental house and moved to Eleuthera in late September 2014. We began the first of many long hard days to work to complete the build of our house. Two months later we moved in to our unfinished, but livable..okay really camp-able house. We lived without electricity, and hot water for several months. With a lot of blood sweat and tears – literally we came out on the other side a year and a half later. Overall it was all worth it. We’ve met some really great and interesting people and remain friends with them to this day.  

Looking back now we very much appreciate our time in Eleuthera. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and about what “paradise” really means. We’ve learned a lot from our experiences and it helped mold us into the people that we are today. Eleuthera was a crucial stepping stone in our lives. Because we have experienced the adventure of Eleuthera, we came to the conclusion to sell our home there. We want to continue our adventures of traveling around the world and really living the way we dreamed of. We will build a Tiny House to have as a home base. 

We really have Eleuthera to thank for getting us to the place we are today. The dependency on nature and the solitude that it offered is something that will never leave us. We first hand got to see what we as humans do to destroy and pollute our earth. This taught us to be more minimalistic and to try to leave as little of an impact as possible. This is why we now share one vehicle, one phone, will live in a tiny house, are both vegan and consciously work to reduce our impact. Steve and I believe that this will be the key to our happiness, health and overall well being. 

Things that Eleuthera taught us:

-You can take a boy and a girl from the island, but you can’t take the island out of the boy and girl.

-We need nature, but nature doesn’t need us.

-Salty air, sunshine and a fresh breeze is the best of therapies.    

-Hammock chairs were a great investment.

-The beach has some amazing healing qualities.

-Sunrises, sunsets and a starry sky are things that help put things into perspective.

-You need to experience the bad, this is what helps you to recognize the good. 

-You do not need all of the things that you think you do.

-Full moons are the best times for a beachside bonfire.

-Never take a hot shower for granted…ever.

There is so much that I am leaving out of this post simply because there is so very much. We really had a love/hate relationship with Eleuthera..but mostly it was love. The island will always have a little piece of us there and the island will forever have a lasting impression on us.