Thai Deodorant Crystal


My husband and I love that we are not using toxic chemicals and using a product that actually works! We live full time in the Bahamas and do sweat, but never stink with our Thai Deodorant Crystal! In the summer months here, it can be much hotter when the breeze really dies down. On some of those days we combine this deodorant with a bit of coconut oil and it works flawlessly! Prior to really making a healthier change for myself I used the clinical strength type of deodorants and when I would sweat – would stink, so, I am one of those normal people that does sweat! 🙂 We are so thrilled that we had found this product! So far, I have convinced my husband, cousin, mother in law and a couple of friends to use your product and they are as happy as I am.
In addition to it being much more effective, it is much cheaper than using a toxic deodorant. One stone will last me well over a year. Although, you have to be gentle with it. .. one slipped out of my hands after a shower and it shattered on the floor! 😦 After, that I couldn’t use it as it was too sharp to use. Now I have a spare, just in case as I know that I am a bit clumsy:). Still cheaper even with a back up! 🙂
It is really great that we don’t have to sacrifice dependability for a safer healthier product!