Thai Deodorant Crystal


My husband and I love that we are not using toxic chemicals and using a product that actually works!

Prior to making a healthier change for myself I used the clinical strength type of deodorants and when I did sweat – it would stink. I later found that the clinical strength products were the cause of the body odor I was experiencing. I thought I had a severe issue with my limp nodes or something.. It turns out that I am just one of those normal people that does sweat and just needed to make a change from what I was using.

We are so thrilled that we had found this product! Not only is it free of those nasty chemicals etc., it allows the body to do its normal sweating, not masking or preventing the sweat. After about 2 weeks of using the Thai Deodorant Crystal I no longer had an odor associated with sweating. Its like the old toxins from my previous deodorant had to flush completely out of my system which in and of itself was disturbing. The findings of switching to the Thai Deodorant Crystal amazed me. I tested it out to the max in the extreme Bahamian summer heat building our house, to outdoor exercising etc. My husband is the biggest sweater that I have ever seen, and he never has a body odor with the Thai Deodorant Crystal. It is amazing!!

So far, I have convinced my husband, cousin, mother in law and a couple of friends to use the Thai Deodorant Crystal and they are as happy and amazed as I am. No going back!

In addition to it being much more effective, safer and healthier, it is much cheaper than using a toxic deodorant. One crystal deodorant stick will last me well over a year (of once or twice daily usages). Although, you have to be gentle with it. .. one slipped out of my hands after a shower and it shattered on the floor.. ooopsies! 😦 I now have a spare just in case. Even with a backup it is still cheaper than the other chemical laden deodorants.

It is really great that we don’t have to sacrifice our health AND can sweat confidently! 🙂