Our trip to Culebra PR


June, 2012

Seeking out a piece of land to build a house on was our initial reason for visiting the island of Culebra Puerto Rico. After finding that there were just too many challenges with building there, we would then set our sights elsewhere. In the meantime, we had a very enjoyable time. We met  wonderful people, including Victor who we still keep in touch with. We loved our time so much in Culebra that we brought Steve’s mom with us for a second visit. The water is truly beautiful, some of the most amazing beaches including one of the top ten beaches in the world (Flamenco Beach). The atmosphere was truly paradise! We lucked out on timing on our first visit to witness the Leatherback Sea Turtles nesting on a few beaches. They are magnificent creatures and we were just in awe of seeing them in person. We spend most of our time snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, off roading and hiking to some hard to reach beaches such as Brava Beach. Our favorite beach on the island is Zoni Beach. It is off the beaten path (if there is such a thing there) and it is very secluded. All of the beaches on Culebra are secluded and non populated except for the famous Flamenco Beach and even at that there really is not a lot of people at any given time. For being a small island (4 miles by 7 miles), there are a lot of really unique places to go and feel like you are the first to explore those areas. Each beach is unique, some are a powdery white soft sand, some are a volcanic rock, and then there are some with a more coarse sand.  This island was perfect for just wanting a very chillax place to go with nobody around. We have many fond memories of this treasure of an island for sure!