About Us

Steve and Tonya Molloy

Hello to all the viewers of my blog!  My name is Tonya Molloy and I thank you for dropping in to visit my blog and I hope you take a moment to say hi. I created this blog to journal our life, travels and favorite products that make our adventures and everyday life better (and hopefully yours as well).

My husband Steve always says that in the end all you will have left is your memories. This I feel is very well said and true. Throughout life Steve and I have become less and less “materialistic”.  It’s the things we do in life that constitutes “living”, not the things we have.

We cherish our relationships with friends and family, the love of animals and nature.  In our daily lives we work towards trying to have a minimal impact on the environment as it’s the only one all of us creatures have.

Steve and I have learned a lot of valuable insight from our adventures and from other people that we’ve met from all over the world.   If our experiences in life can help educate, inspire or give hope for just one person, then we feel blessed for being able to share our life’s adventures with you.


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